Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Ready for Gala Season

Getting Ready for Gala Season: Organizing a fundraising gala is not getting any easier. Aside from the fallout of an unpredictable economy that keeps previously generous hands firmly in pockets, any number of unexpected hurdles can suddenly appear on the scene.

The Vancouver Aquarium, for instance, found its annual Night At The Aquarium fundraiser threatened not by inclement weather or economic constraints. The culprit was the unexpected fifth game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs featuring the local Canucks. With BC Place's almost 60,000 seats filled by roaring fans, and thousands more crowding the city streets to watch the action on giant outdoor screens, who would be left to eat, dance, or bid on silent auction items?

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Sherry Truhlar said...

Jean covers a lot of great examples. The theme of all the successes is “don’t be afraid to make changes.” I’m seeing this at the auction galas we’ve worked over the past 3 years. Galas that started at (already strong) highs of $1.5 million have moved to within striking distance of $1.7 million, and tiny events that were at $6000 are now at $8000. Organizations that are flexible and willing to make changes can continue to raise record revenues.