Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Strengthen Fundraising Before the Next Recession | npENGAGE

Strengthen Fundraising Before the Next Recession | npENGAGE: "In order to survive the economic ups and downs, a fundraising program must be balanced. 
A fundraising program that survives the economic ups and downs and continues to deliver long-term is one that is on balance. It isn’t built on one strong program only. It isn’t even built on one strong program and a bunch of little ones. Instead, it is a like a stool with several thick, strong legs. If one leg is chopped off by an economic downturn, other legs are strong enough to keep the fundraising stool balanced. There may be a loss of income, but enough other income sources are contributing in ways that are significant that the nonprofit can carry on.
Forget rivalry between online fundraising and offline fundraising—we have to do both. The same is true with major donor fundraising and lower level donor cultivation; small dollar donors are the pool for future middle and major level gifts, and it’s risky to let that pool run dry."

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