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Victim fashions

Charities 'in fashion' risk becoming victims of their own vanity, writes Joshua Blackburn

Wednesday March 30, 2005
The Guardian

We can thank Lance Armstrong - cycling demi-god and originator of the charity wristband - for making charity the hot look for 2005. Bracelets with the slogan "livestrong" have turned a worthy cause into an aspirational lifestyle concept that Nike would be proud to own, making Armstrong's cancer survivors' charity the essential accessory for footballers and fashionistas alike.
The freeloaders, however, have not been far behind. A mail order jewellery company in America now offers the concerned but confused a "silicone wristband combination pack" for $27 (£15): pink for breast cancer, yellow to support the troops, red for Aids or heart disease and a white tsunami support band.

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