Friday, January 13, 2006

: Maine Antique Digest, January 2006-Sotheby's, New York City

: Maine Antique Digest, January 2006: "Sotheby's, New York City
Mickey Mouse 75th Birthday Statues Bring $614,500 for Noble Causes
by Dorothy S. Gelatt

What a haul! What a 75th birthday salute to Disney's revered Mickey Mouse. Long a favorite of antique toy and animation art collectors, Mickey—specially reproduced in 75 massive 700-pound 6'5' 75th birthday statues—is now elevated to new collectible heights.

Born November 18, 1928, Mickey celebrated his 75th birthday starting in 2003 with a two-year United States birthday tour of the 75 statues (plus four extras for good measure!)"

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