Monday, May 22, 2006

Philanthropy Made Easy: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Philanthropy Made Easy: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Kiplinger Magazine
Philanthropy Made Easy
Friday May 19, 7:55 pm ET
By Brian P. Knestout

In high school, Glen Shipway assumed there was little chance of a college education for him and his classmates, who also came from modest means. After graduation, most of them went directly to work, taking up a trade or cutting timber in the mountains of western Maryland, where Shipway grew up. 'Out of a graduating class of 300 students, maybe ten went to college,' he remembers.

But Shipway was a good student and a good athlete. He became one of the college-bound few when he received a scholarship to Washington College, in Chestertown, Md. It was a break he has never forgotten. That scholarship set him on a path that eventually led to his becoming chief executive of a software company. After years of hard work, he can now give substantial sums to charity--especially to his alma mater and other colleges. 'Someone gave me a chance by giving me a scholarship,' says Shipway, 59, 'and I want to do the same.'"

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