Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Post and Courier, Charleston SC | | Stories

The Post and Courier, Charleston SC | | Stories: "The league began fueling international groups after Shirley McGreal, the group's chairwoman, founded the league in Thailand in 1973. The organization opened its base on the edge of Summerville in 1977. The league keeps only enough funds to operate the gibbon sanctuary, where the gibbons live in wired enclosures with runs and 30-foot towers fashioned from corn cribs. While the sanctuary lacks natural habitat, the charity has the ability to capture donations that international organizations in remote places can't access.

A tradition of philanthropy exists in the United States that foreign programs, such as Nigerian rescues, don't find at home, McGreal said.

The organization sends funds to international charities to stop the illegal trade and hunting where it happens, Strong said. The international groups educate people about primate and habitat conservation in their homelands and are better able to reintroduce species or at least keep them in natural environments."

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