Thursday, May 01, 2008

U.S., evangelicals lead way on giving |

U.S., evangelicals lead way on giving | "The Barna Group reports that 84 percent of all adults donated money to churches or nonprofit organizations last year. That percentage has remained consistent in recent years. Last year, the mean amount given per person was $1,308. It was down slightly from giving in 2006, which averaged $1,348. That year, Americans donated a record-breaking amount of nearly $300 billion.

A comparison done by the Charities Aid Foundation in late 2006 showed that in philanthropic giving as a percentage of gross domestic product, the United States ranked first at 1.7 percent; Britain was second at 0.73 percent. The two largest beneficiaries of American generosity are places of worship (which receive about 33 percent of all donations) and education (which receives about 14 percent)."

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