Friday, October 18, 2013

Drop the Bucket raises money through comedy�|�Daily Trojan

Drop the Bucket raises money through comedy�|�Daily Trojan: John Travis, the co-founder/president of Drop in the Bucket, said, “Though it may look like a water charity from the outside [Drop in the Bucket] is using social innovation to get children in school.” Travis explained that many people in sub-Saharan Africa walk more than three miles to obtain water. Naturally, this task takes up most of their day and prevents children from attending school. He notes that girls and women usually accomplish this daily feat. In south Sudan, one of the main locations Drop in the Bucket serves, less than 3 percent of girls have access to an education. Travis saw the opportunity to build wells as more than a chance to improve community health but also a way to encourage children to attend school. He cited the idea that increasing the education level of women and girls will help decrease poverty and increase the standard of living. Drop in the Bucket also fosters female empowerment through the Girls’ Clubs program. These clubs encourage girls to peruse education, provide information about health issues and provide basic toiletry products.

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