Thursday, March 20, 2014

High-Speed Trends in Philanthropy: An Oxymoron

High-Speed Trends in Philanthropy: An Oxymoron: In this new world that is driven by the interchange of thoughts and opinions flying back and forth across the globe, philanthropy has taken on a new guise.

Let's explore one of these trends that I find particularly exciting.

"Giving while living" is the new mantra for many family funds. The trend is simply to spend down the corpus of a family fund within a set period of time. The debate continues between the idea of giving in perpetuity and the instant gratification that comes with giving it all away in the near future. This discussion, which can become quite heated, has been going on for decades, but it seems to have accelerated in the past several years as more family funds are inherited by a generation of individuals wanting to see quick returns on their investment.

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