Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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New-style donors expect results for their efforts
Maggie Bras doesn't act the part of the matronly donor, that bustling, plump and proper creature of good intentions. Instead, at 57, she's sexy and indulgent, with eyelash-sweeping bangs and an effervescent laugh that bring to mind Goldie Hawn. She lives in a sumptuous designer condo with a floor-to-ceiling view of Toronto's downtown and the lake beyond. In the living room is a baby grand player piano. In her bedroom, along with a silk-curtained four-poster bed, sit two elegant polished mahogany dressers. 'Watch this,' she says, pushing a button, and the top of one of the dressers slowly rises and a large flat-screen TV lifts noiselessly out of the false front. Bras is lucky enough to have lots of money. The rest of us are fortunate that she wants to give pots of it away.

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