Monday, April 02, 2007

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter-"Young Donors And Their Instant Gratification

The NonProfitTimes - eNewsletter: "Young Donors And Their Instant Gratification

By Marla E. Nobles
Today's young people are accustomed to having options and choices unlike any previous generation. They're used to calling the shots. So rather than spending time and money testing ways to write your organization's story, why not let your younger donors write it for you?

'We're all acquiring that knowledge, but they were almost built on it,' said Pete Rose, partner at marketing firm Yankelovich, regarding younger donors raised in today's consumer-created world. 'They live in a world where you can create the next color of M&M and where you can vote people off the island. Think about the latest Super Bowl ads, some of them were consumer-created.'"

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