Thursday, June 06, 2013

Marc Joseph: Charity Is in Our DNA

Marc Joseph: Charity Is in Our DNA: Many of us participate in charity in some form. It can be as simple as taking cookies to an aging neighbor or donating items you no longer use to a good cause. The Corporation for National & Community Service reports that 64.3 Million Americans volunteered in a formal organization, an increase of 1.5 million from the year before. This is 26.8% of the population giving 7.9 Billion hours which has a value of $171 Billion. The 4 most popular service activities were: fundraising or selling items to raise money (26.2%); collecting, preparing, distributing or serving food (23.6%); engaging in general labor or transportation (20.3%); and tutoring or teaching (18.2%). One in three volunteers is a senior age 55 and older, giving this group a lifetime of experience to tap into to help those in the greatest need.

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