Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Think Of Your Nonprofit As A Magazine - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

Think Of Your Nonprofit As A Magazine - The NonProfit Times: "The difference is that magazines, and other for-profits, are boasting sizable leads compared to nonprofits in such metrics. Magazines beat nonprofits in average direct-mail response rate (4% to 1.5%), according to Anne and Josef Kottler of Sage Communications in Framingham, Mass., and hold a 70% to 40% advantage in average retention rate. The Kottlers, citing an Association of Fundraising Professionals survey, stated that less than 3% of organizations claim a retention rate of 70% or better.

The Kottlers took aim at narrowing the gap between for-profit institutions such as magazines and nonprofits during their program “What Nonprofits Can Learn from For-Profits” during the recent DMA 2016 Washington Nonprofit Conference. Key takeaways from the session included:"

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