Monday, October 04, 2004

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam Re another Philanthropy Day

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam: "Coffee with Cam
Just a thought...
By Cam Tait
Philanthropy Day is coming again. November 16th, they tell me. Hundreds of people will attend luncheons throughout the land and will be honoured for their investments in the community. We'll clap, shake hands, slap people on the back - maybe even hug people - after they get their plaque, trophy or certificate. People who win awards are to be congratulated for their efforts.

If you've read my stuff in past years, you know I don't get all fired up about Philanthropy Day. I have wondered why, if the true meaning of philanthropy is giving and expecting nothing in return - no lunches, no plaques, no logos, no recognition...nothing - then why do we get all gussied up and eat lunch on the finest china, have a wonderful meal, and then hand out awards? I still don't get it. And, if I may be so brave to suggest, perhaps the Philanthropy Day gang could take the food allotted to their luncheon and give it to, say, a local food bank. No go, eh?

Okay, maybe the food bank idea is a little over the top. But, here's a thought that might be a little more practical.

People who are at Philanthropy Day luncheons are already champions. They're the people who got it goin' on. They're people with ideas and energy who make ideas come alive. When those ideas come alive, community projects blossom. I sincerely hope they know why they are there. I'm willing to bet the mortgage that they don't really need to have their name called and their bio read in front of a crowded ballroom to know they are a champion."

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