Tuesday, January 11, 2005

EUROPA - Rapid - Press Releases Commission President pledges swift delivery of EU Tsunami aid

EUROPA - Rapid - Press Releases: "Commission President pledges swift delivery of EU Tsunami aid
Speaking as governments and aid agencies from around the world meet at the UN donor conference to plan the use of aid, European Commission President Barroso pledged that the EU would deliver its promised aid (up to �450 million and an EIB lending facility of up to �1 billion) on time. The Commission met in Strasbourg this afternoon to review the EU response to the tsunami disaster and examine possible further actions - on food aid, trade, fisheries, civil protection, research and health - which might be taken to assist the relief effort.
Speaking after the meeting President Barroso said: 'The challenge for the EU and for donors across the world is to turn our tsunami pledges into hard cash. The European Union already exceeds any other single donor in terms of total aid pledged.

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