Wednesday, February 16, 2005 | 02/16/2005 | Making the link to Latino donors | 02/16/2005 | Making the link to Latino donors: "Posted on Wed, Feb. 16, 2005
Making the link to Latino donors

Mercury News Editorial

Many non-Hispanics don't grasp the concept of La Familia, the deep bonds of family, community and culture that bind Latinos together. Many Latinos don't identify with traditional forms of philanthropy or see their own giving in that context.
Bridging these gaps of perception is important if Silicon Valley's non-profit community is to broaden its reach in the region's Hispanic community. The donors, dollars and volunteers are there; the challenge is to make long-overlooked connections.
``Familia, F� y Communidad,'' the first extensive study of charitable activities among Hispanics, recommends realistic ways to do this. Foundations and non-profits must recruit more Latino executives and neighborhood leaders to their boards of directors. Latino professionals, in turn, must combine their charitable efforts and make their talents known. The commitment must be mutual."

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