Thursday, August 18, 2005

National News Groups turn to Online Fundraising

National News: "Groups Turn To Online Fund-raising

Tzvi Kahn Special to the Jewish Times
AUGUST 17, 2005 New York

When Carol Vavra, a major and tactical airlift navigator in the U.S. Air Force, returns home from the Middle East this summer, her husband will have a surprise waiting for her. Paul Vavra, a recently retired Air Force major and an avid classic rock fan, bought his wife a pair of tickets to a Rolling Stones concert for $760 on eBay. In the process, he made a substantial donation to the UJA-Federation of New York.

In July, the federation hosted its first auction on eBay. With about 200 sales of items contributed by donors, the auction raised about $115,000 for the organization.

The initiative reflects a growing trend among Jewish groups to move their fund-raising ventures to the Internet, which they say has proven to be far more efficient than more traditional modes of solicitation."

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