Thursday, October 06, 2005

GuideStar - Using GuideStar - Higher Education

GuideStar - Using GuideStar - Higher Education: "edu@guidestar allows academic researchers, instructors, and their students to use GuideStar Premium at no cost for the duration of their course or research projects.

More than 600 academic institutions offer degrees and individual courses on the nonprofit sector. This number continues to grow as more schools recognize the importance of preparing leaders to manage the billions of dollars in goods and services the nonprofit sector provides each year. As part of our public service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, GuideStar is offering complimentary access to our highest level of service to those strengthening the nonprofit sector through education.

connecting higher education with nonprofit information

edu@guidestar provides GuideStar Premium at no cost to the following audiences:

* Professors and graduate students who teach a course related to the nonprofit sector
* Students who participate in these courses or require access for academic research purposes
* Researchers conducting unsponsored studies about the nonprofit sector"

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