Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Shreveport Times- Funding support for the arts is dwindling nationwide

The Shreveport Times: ". Delton Harrison, a board member of the standard-setting Metropolitan Opera in New York, recently returned from a board meeting with an earful of what nonprofits across the country harp on annually.

'It's the same story everywhere,' the Shreveporter said. 'We're needing to raise money.'

Harrison, also a Shreveport Opera board member, is part of the pack of large-scale contributors whose donations make up the financial backbone of most local arts organizations.

But local fund-raisers also still aren't sure who the next generation of big arts donors are going to be. With that and with dwindling corporate support, Shreveport's nonprofit arts groups are overhauling their funding strategies and are looking for new ways to target the next generation of private donors."

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