Wednesday, September 08, 2004

TCS: Tech Central Station - Thinking Outside the Tank

TCS: Tech Central Station - Thinking Outside the Tank: "Let us take Lithuania, one of the new member states, as an example. To analyze financial conditions of think tanks and other NGOs in Lithuania, just like in other Central and Eastern European countries, is a difficult task. This is mainly due to a lack of data. In the past ten years scant research has been done on the financing of NGOs in general and think tanks in particular. As a result, there are few sources of data about NGO financing, while the quantity and quality of available information are fairly modest. Some foundations, think tanks and NGOs in Lithuania have conducted research to explore the motives and legal conditions of, and the trends in, giving. Yet, analysis of the scope of giving has never been attempted, so the only source of this type of information in Lithuania is the Department of Statistics."

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