Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's time for business to step up and give (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas Business Press: "It's time for business to step up and give


The lack of local philanthropy is one of Las Vegas' ugliest truisms, one of the ways we remind ourselves what we haven't done during the fabulous run-up of the past two decades. We've all become accustomed to trotting out this shortcoming every time anyone points to our lack of civic virtues. There's more truth in it than we care to admit: philanthropy in Las Vegas remains underdeveloped.

Despite the fabulous profits we generate and the impressive personal wealth in the valley, we lack the civic monuments of other cities -- the named buildings, the wings of museums, the spectacular parks that the wealthy elsewhere have endowed for their home communities. Even when we have grandiose philanthropy, as in the case of Sheldon Adelson's $25 million gift toward a Jewish high school, it is usually narrow in focus and targeted to a noticeably self-interested end."

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