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Trailblazing employee takes centre stage in charity TV show

Mary O'Hara
Wednesday April 27, 2005
The Guardian

As manager of the UK's first charity shop, Joe Mitty earned himself the unusual nickname of 'the salesman on the side of the angels'. Now, 56 years after he took up the post and two decades after retirement, he is to star in a new Community Channel series, Charity Chic.
The programme, commissioned to coincide with the Year of the Volunteer, features the 85-year-old Mitty as one of a number of guests who are involved with charity shops in some way.
But of all those who appear on the magazine-style show, it is Mitty who stands out. As the first paid employee in a charity shop � at Oxfam on Broad Street, Oxford � he was the sector's trailblazer and played a key role in the expansion of charity shops in high streets up and down the country."

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