Monday, October 15, 2007 Nonprofits ask donors to still give Nonprofits ask donors to still give: "None of them will ever have enough money or endowment to really cover all the needs that are continuing to grow,' Frenzel said of the nonprofits. 'It's up to them individually to point out these needs to the potential donor.' Nonprofit officials hope more residents will share Frenzel's sentiment. The agencies that will receive money from the $100 million anonymous donation are excited about the future financial boost, but some worry donors will shy away from helping them take care of today's expenses and capital campaigns."

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Nonprofits will struggle to get gifts if they do not develop relationship management. By analyzing the structure of their donor base, nonprofits can determine where their long-term funding ( development) efforts belong.

When nonprofits really know their donors, they can create unique structured gifts that keep on giving and provide a winning formula for the donor, the heirs, the charitable organization, and the community.