Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The World Today - Gemini Project: corporate philanthropy in practice

The World Today - Gemini Project: corporate philanthropy in practice: "Gemini Project: corporate philanthropy in practicePRINT FRIENDLYEMAIL STORY
The World Today - Tuesday, 19 October , 2004 12:30:00
Reporter: Eleanor Hall
ELEANOR HALL: After one of the most profligate election campaigns in our history, which social commentators say has confirmed that Australians are interested above all in making money and getting ahead, you might think the notion of philanthropy and social service would be far from the agenda, particularly of corporate Australia.
But Australia's first venture philanthropy organisation, Social Ventures Australia, is bucking the trend and trying to bring the corporate world and the not-for-profit world closer together.
This week the organisation is holding a conference with some high profile international guests. One of them is Norman Drummond, who has been described as one of the most talented Scots of his generation"

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