Friday, February 04, 2005 | 02/04/2005 | Neighborhood fund-raising ordinance faces opposition | 02/04/2005 | Neighborhood fund-raising ordinance faces opposition: "Neighborhood fund-raising ordinance faces opposition

By Alan Lopez


KENSINGTON - Some residents say a county plan to govern fund-raising events held at private homes will leave a door open for neighborhood disruption.
At issue in the Contra Costa County unincorporated community are charitable events held at the home of a concert promoter. Neighbors and other residents object to the noise and traffic attracted to events in his backyard amphitheater.
At a meeting of the Kensington Municipal Advisory Council this week, residents said the events at Danny Scher's home -- using a professional sound system and featuring entertainers, such as singer Bonnie Raitt -- were inappropriate in a residential neighborhood, creating traffic and noise problems and violating their privacy"

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